5 tips for creating incredible invitations

Confession time. Last spring, I did (or rather, failed to do) something I regret. I graduated from Arizona State University and I didn’t send out graduation announcements (sorry, Uncle Al!). It’s something I wanted to do but between finishing up a thesis, cherishing final moments with professors and peers and of course, celebrating, I didn’t feel like I had the time.

I didn’t know about Basic Invite. If I did, I would have chosen a portrait announcement with my name in a pretty calligraphy font, with custom colors and all the relevant information. Oh! And even the envelopes would be professionally printed with a vintage floral liner. I can see them now! No, really, my dream design of the grad announcements that never were can be created with all the amazing options available on Basic Invite. Seriously, all I needed to do was click here and there a few times and voilà!

With Basic Invite, you can create incredible invitations, stationary and even wedding menus. Plus, there are almost unlimited color options, over 200 wedding invitation sets (invites, menus, programs, thank you cards- you name it) and every card is printed on high-quality card stock.

The options are limitless when using Basic Invite. We know sometimes, when presented with so many options, it can feel a little overwhelming. Well, here is where Emma comes in. We put together some tips for you to use when creating your own invitations on Basic Invite.

  1. Use consistent colors

    Whether you use your school colors, wedding colors or just an on-trend palette, your invites will be extra chic if you use colors that are consistent with your theme and party. As a good rule of thumb, use no more than three colors in the font. Choose one main color that is on the biggest words and two accent colors. It
    could be a ballet slipper pink with a mauve and a muted navy blue. Or maybe a deep emerald and a bright gold (or better yet, gold foil—yep, Basic Invite has that). Perhaps a bright red with champagne and a melon color. Can’t decide? White and black are classics. Basic Invite has nearly 200 colors to choose from and you can change the color of each element on the card you choose.

  1. Throw typical typefaces out the window

    It’s okay to get creative! Try out a fancy font and use it for the most important information on your card (your and your fiancé’s names, “save the date,” etc). Then find a simpler font that can act as an accent, like the colors tip. Use the cleaner font to present the nitty-gritty details like when and where the celebration is taking place. 

  2. Align your text according to your background

    If you’re using a photo as the background of your card, the common design method is to align the text in the negative space of the photo. Basic Invite has beautiful templates like this but if you find a template that doesn’t match the negative space in your chosen photo, don’t be afraid to move the font (yep, Basic Invite lets you do that)! Feeling bold? We love it! Sometimes fonts work right over the photo if they contrast well and they are legible. Putting a pastel tint, a sepia tone or a black and white filter on the photo helps.

  1. Keep it simple

    It may not be the most novel tip, but it’s always a needed reminder. Save the dates are 5.5” x 4.25” and traditional invitations are 5” x 7.” That’s not a lot of space, so don’t clutter it!

  1. It’s all in the details, baby

    Basic Invite offers you complete customization, so make it your own. Use Basic Invite’s new gold foil option on the card or on the envelopes. Choose a colored envelope, add an envelope liner or a monogram design on the seal of the envelope. Anyone you send these cards to are sure to be awed and impressed!

Somethings go unsaid, but make sure to proofread everything on your card- especially dates and addresses! If you’re not ready to order your invites in bulk just yet, Basic Invite will send you a sample so you can see exactly how your creation will be printed. Not getting married or having a baby anytime soon? Me neither! Basic Invite has more! Create invitations to a dinner party, or design custom stationary and business cards.

So, if I could go back in time and design my graduation announcements with Basic Invite, I would. Unfortunately, I cannot, but I will use Basic Invite for all celebrations going forward. I’ve already imported my address book!

Alejandra likes ice cream, dancing and pretty things. You can usually find her exploring downtown Phoenix, where she lives, or singing to herself while writing in a coffee shop.

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