A Very Modern Christmas

Hosting a holiday party? Get ideas from this mid-century modern Christmas table set for six. Created by entertaining expert Brendan McCaskey, he tied together chocolate brown, light blue, light green, and lemongrass yellow to create a retro feel for this dinner party.

Centerpiece: A string of cardboard cones Brendan picked up at a craft store line the center of the table. He cut slits to allow for lit votives to rest inside. Nicholas Shekerjian made the matching concrete cone trees by pouring concrete mix into the cardboard cones until hardened.

Place Settings: Beneath a Swedish dinnerware set lies concrete chargers Nicholas made by pouring concrete mix into an old lunch tray. The shape plays perfectly off the modern plates.

Favors: Guests sit down to Gina Miller’s individually wrapped geometric sugar cookie trees, ensuring no one gets antsy waiting for dessert!

Photography by Rachel Solomon

Alejandra likes ice cream, dancing and pretty things. You can usually find her exploring downtown Phoenix, where she lives, or singing to herself while writing in a coffee shop.

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