Building a Barn Door

We see them all the time on shows like Fixer Upper or magazines like Dwell. Adding a DIY barn door to a room can really transform your home. Create a rustic-chic feel to your home by building your own custom DIY barn door. Emily Yeates, a Phoenix-based interior designer shows us how!


  • 6-inch x 8-foot common boards
  • 3-inch x 8-foot common boards
  • 1 inch wood screws
  • paint
  • caulk
  • door handles
  • pipe-twice the width of door opening
  • 2 elbow fittings and wall plates
  • casters


  1. Paint all common boards and allow to dry before beginning. Decide what you want your door dimensions to be. The width will need to be a multiple of 6 inches, given the size of the common boards. Measure and mark each of the 6-inch boards at the desired length.
  2. Wearing protective eyewear, cut your boards at the markings.
  3. Lay your boards together in a straight line. Then measure and mark how long your trim should be. Cut your trim boards.
  4. Using a nail gun or good old-fashioned hammer, nail on the trim pieces. This will act as a glue holding the door together until the screws.
  5. With the edges and middle trim nailed in, hold a 3-inch common board at a diagonal and make a line where the cuts should be. Do this for both top and bottom sections.
  6. Cut diagonal trim.
  7. Nail on final diagonal trim pieces.
  8. Reinforce all trim with 1-inch wood screws around the entire perimeter and zigzag pieces. Don’t skimp on screws! This really holds your door together.
  9. Apply caulking where the boards meet. A little goes a long way! Keep a wet rag on hand for clean up.
  10. Screw door handles to the sides, eye bolts to the top, and casters to the bottom.
  11. Stand the door up on its casters to determine where pipe should be hung.
  12. With one elbow fitting place, thread the pipe through the eye bolts, then screw in the other elbow fitting. Note: This is a two person job! Apply touch up paint as needed.

Photography by Erica Velasco

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