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Wanna collab?

Emma mag always welcomes the opportunity to partner with like-minded brands and bloggers to create high-quality, unique content for our site, social accounts and our digital issues. If you’re feeling our vibe, you can email to ask about rates and availability on the following sponsorship or advertising options:

Emma can use your product to create a one-of-a-kind DIY. Let us show off your product in a way we know best.

Let Emma increase your brand awareness with our 12k+ Instagram followers. Some ideas include styled photos, gifs or videos and stories featuring your product. These posts will match our bright and colorful Instagram feed.

Emma would love to feature your products in an authentic approach that corresponds with our core editorial topics: home, beauty and style, food and entertaining. There are tons of ways we can achieve this. Let’s talk it out!

Let Emma help you increase brand awareness and engage with our audience by hosting giveaways of products or services on our site or on social media platforms.

Emma would love to collaborate with you to creatively raise brand recognition among influential tastemakers. Moreover, the digital magazine format allows for unparalleled engagement, ranging from exclusive downloads and clickable links to strategic content partnerships. Email

Thanks for your interest!