DIY Bow Clip

This darling DIY takes less than five minutes to make and costs next to nothing. The perfect accessory to adorn your little babe or gift to someone else’s!


  • soft felt
  • metal clips (can be found at any craft store)
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • measuring tape


  1. With the scissors cut out 3 strips of felt. The first strip to 5.5 inches by 1 inch. Next, cut the second to a 3 inch banner shape. Then, cut the third strip to about 3/4 inch by 2 3/4 inch.
  2. Take the longer piece (5.5 inch) and fold both ends in to meet in the middle. Hot glue in place.
  3. Going over the center of the first piece, wrap the shortest strip around and glue.
  4. Next, take the banner piece and glue to the bottom.
  5. Hot glue the metal clip underneath the banner and you’re finished!

Tutorial by Shelly Sazdanoff. Photography by Heather Kinkel.

Alejandra likes ice cream, dancing and pretty things. You can usually find her exploring downtown Phoenix, where she lives, or singing to herself while writing in a coffee shop.

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