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Emma’s editor-in-chief shares her bright and airy home office.

My desk used to be tucked into a dark shadowy corner of our guest room with a Jurassic-era desktop, and I dreaded ever having to actually work at it. Creating a home office I actually want to work in has done wonders for my productivity. Plus, I joined the 21st century and got a tablet, making my desk free of wires and clutter. Here’s how I pulled together a space that is fresh and functional in four steps. 

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1. Gallery Wall:

I like switching up my mini-gallery wall with the change of seasons, so I tape prints up with cute washi tape for easy hanging and removing. The print on the right is a DIY potato print from our summer issue! 

rotating gallery wall - hang with washi tape

2. Greenery:

Studies show that bringing plants into the workplace aids in concentration and memory, and I have to agree. Even though I sit right next to a wall of windows, I love pulling the outdoors in. I picked up this fiddle leaf fig from Ikea, and with a weekly watering, it’s still going strong. The peony, my favorite bloom, makes an appearance as well!office decorating tips

home office tour

3. Technology:

I have yet to find a chic way to conceal piles of cords, so my home office is wireless. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has everything I need from a heavy duty machine with the convenience of a tablet. Whether running out for a meeting, a coffee date, or an off-site photo-shoot, I can quickly grab it and head on my way. Oh and the cute blue cover is not just an accessory, it doubles as a super slim and functional keyboard! home office tour

4. Color Scheme:

Clearing the clutter helps clear my mental clutter, so I stuck with an all-white color scheme, and pulling in colorful accents keeps it from feeling sterile. Blue is another great color to consider when decorating a home office, as it promotes peace and tranquility. While a quiet moment alone is rare with a two-year-old toddling around here, my home office always feels like an escape.home office

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Sarah is founder of Emma magazine. Featured by HGTV Magazine and Design Sponge for her interior styling, she makes regular appearances on a variety of morning shows sharing culinary and design tips. Born and raised in Arizona, she received her degree in broadcast journalism from Arizona State University and loves any adventure with her husband and three kiddos.

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