Homemade Banana Soft Serve

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We are no stranger to Ghirardelli® dark chocolate bars in this house. In fact, they recently came  to the rescue. We hosted a dinner gathering, and I whipped up some savory pan-roasted lemon chicken thighs with homemade croutons and a chopped salad. All very delicious and all very filling. Yet it doesn’t matter how much I have for dinner, I crave a little something sweet afterward, and on this particular evening I wasn’t alone. I experienced a brief moment of legitimate panic that I didn’t have anything to satisfy my craving, much less our house full of guests. Fortunately for us all, I remembered the stack of Twilight Delight® 72% cacao bars sitting in my freezer and could breathe a little easier. 


I broke off a piece and savored a bite of rich dark chocolate before passing the bar to my left. By the time the empty wrapper came back to me, I knew I’d be pulling out another bar to make its rounds. This time, when I looked in the freezer however, I noticed a tupperware dish filled with frozen ripe banana slices and thought I’d go the extra mile. 


how to make homemade soft serve - dairy free!

one ingredient banana ice cream

This is the easiest dairy-free ice cream recipe you’ll ever make. Just toss those slices in a food   processor, and wah-lah instant soft serve. Pair with a Twilight Delight or Raspberry RadianceTM bar, and your guests will think you are Martha, herself. It’s every bit as delicious as a frozen banana, but without the mess of melted chocolate.

homemade ice cream. no ice cream maker needed 2-ingredient homemade ice cream. no ice cream maker needed homemade ice cream. no ice cream maker needed

There is no doubt that dark chocolate and banana were made for each other. So, the next time your bananas start to develop those dreaded dark freckles, instead of tossing them out, cut them into slices and toss them in your freezer next to a stack of Ghirardelli dark chocolate bars. You never know when they’ll come in handy.

how to make homemade banana soft serve - dairy free!

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