How To: Hot Rollers

Hot rollers result in big volume and bouncy curls. Learn how in four steps. Tip: The rollers at the top of your head create more volume at the roots than can be obtained from a curling iron, so next time you’re looking to add a little height, reach for the rollers!


    1. Apply a small amount of mattering mousse all over the hair to add volume. Start at your hair’s natural part and section off a one-inch chunk. Apply first roller at the very tip of the hair, rolling smoothly to your head.
    2. Secure with roller clip and apply hair spray before rolling the next chunk.
    3. Make sure you roll hair in a downward direction (away from the part).
    4. The front row of curlers should frame around the face, and the back rollers should sit loosely around the back of the head. Let curlers set until cool. Remove rollers and apply a small amount of hair wax with fingers.

    Hair tutorial by Mariana Walters and modeled by Ashley Nielson

    Photography by Michelle Herrick


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