How To Plant A Salsa Garden

Planting your own salsa garden means having all the ingredients for fresh, homemade salsa on hand at all times! These heat-loving vegetables are quick to plant and ensure a bountiful harvest all summer long.


  • Planter box (try this DIY one!)
  • Potting soil
  • Plants: Tomato plant, jalapeño (or other spicy pepper) plant, cilantro
  • Small shovel or garden spade
  • Watering can


  1. Select planter box and plants. There are many different varieties of tomatoes and spicy peppers, we chose Early Girl tomato (it’s a smaller plant size and yields ripe tomatoes earlier than most varieties) and jalapeño for the spicy pepper.
  2. Fill planter box with potting soil. Organic potting soil is best if possible, as it has no added chemicals that may be harmful to your plants.
  3. Decide where you would like to place your plants within the planter box – we put the tomato in the middle as it will be the largest of the three, and placed the others on each side.
  4. Dig a well for each plant then remove each plant from its store container by gently rolling the sides between your palms and flipping the plant upside down to fully remove it.
  5. Place each plant in desired well, pat extra soil on top to firmly root it in the soil.
  6. Water and fertilize your newly planted garden! We used pre-fertilized soil but container gardens need to be re-fertilized regularly to maintain the health of the soil. Water when the soil feels dry (most likely every other day) and enjoy the fruits of your labor in a few weeks!

Don’t have a homemade salsa recipe on hand? Try ours!


Tutorial and Photography by Heather Kinkel

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