How to Throw A First Birthday

Planning a big bash for your little one? Do it right the first time (get it?) with these tips on creating a memorable and stress-free day.

1. Choose a theme or style that is doable.

Ever host a party and the weeks of planning left you so exhausted that you could hardly enjoy yourself by the time it came? Choose a style that is simple, yet meaningful. For example, details like paper banners, vintage plates, and burlap runners are darling, cost-effective and manageable. Also choosing a theme that’s closely related to you or your child’s style will seem less forced and capture this time in your family’s life.

2. Hire a photographer or ask a friend to shoot it.

After a year of capturing milestones, allow yourself the day to enjoy this big one. Let a photographer be in charge of getting all the details so you are free to savor the moments.

3. Have a smash cake for your little one.

Let’s be real, the best part about that first birthday is the moment the cake gets placed in front of those teeny hands. Have a small cake just for that and a separate one to serve to your guests.

4. Don’t be afraid to save the gift-opening until after the guests have gone.

With a sugar-buzz and a nap hopefully squeezed in somewhere, don’t feel obligated to fit everything in. Prioritize the days events and then gauge the natural flow of the party to see if it works. And if grandma really needs to see the reaction to her gift, have her stick around for a quick private viewing afterwards.

Photography by Shauna Autry

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