Meet Shelly

Meet former musician, current Emma editor, and vintage style enthusiast, Shelly Sazdanoff!

EMMA Magazine: Where did you go to school?
Shelly Sazdanoff: I went to a local community college for my first year, but was also in a band at the time. After we came out with a few EPs and got ourselves a manager, we collectively decided to all leave college to tour full time and pursue our music career. That lasted for about three years ending after a summer on Warped Tour. I came home, married the love of my life, and decided not to return to college.

EM: What are your long term career goals?
Long term, I see myself still having a blast with EMMA wherever that leads me, and continuing to try and be the best mother and wife that I can be- which is the best ‘career’ I have ever stepped into.

EM: Favorite TV show?
SS: Favorite TV show hands down, no question about it is Mad Men. The writing is impeccable, the characters are full of depth, and being a vintage lover and shop owner, I get excited enough just to see the clothes and furniture. I appreciate that the creator of the show went to great lengths to make every detail in each scene authentically vintage.

EM: Any guilty pleasures?
SS: One would have to be listening to the golden oldies station in the car while I am running errands and probably knowing every word to almost every song they play. I am pretty picky when it comes to newer music and wouldn’t have a clue what is popular in mainstream music right now.

EM: Name three things that are in your bag at all times.
SS: Besides the usual suspects like phone and wallet, the first would be my red Revlon Colorstay lipstick. I wear it almost everyday whether I am going out or just to the grocery store. Second would have to be a list of some sort on a scrap piece of paper to help me remember all the things I need to get (usually for an upcoming shoot). Makes me feel a lot older than I am sometimes but if its not on my list most likely I won’t remember. And an extra diaper because well you know, you don’t want to be without in an emergency.

EM: What are your hobbies?
SS: Searching and discovering new music with my husband whether that be current or from the past and then adding it to our ever growing record collection. Also, I love thrifting and getting the thrill of a good find, decorating and then redecorating our home (it is a constant work in progress…indefinitely), and reading to our daughter and baby-on-the-way.

EM: What do you love about EMMA?
SS: Oh gosh, what’s there not to love? I get to constantly create and push myself further in new ways everyday. I am surrounded by the most incredibly talented and kind gals and am constantly meeting and making new friends. And together, each month, we make something so beautiful and inspiring…something I am so proud of.  And I get to do all this while I stay home and raise our children. I am so lucky.

Alejandra likes ice cream, dancing and pretty things. You can usually find her exploring downtown Phoenix, where she lives, or singing to herself while writing in a coffee shop.

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