Q&A with Sara Nevels – Photographer

We love having Sara Nevels on our team! Meet her here:

EMMA Magazine: Where did you go to school?
Sara Nevels: Oh gosh, I went to a few before finally calling ASU my home. The year I spent at Columbia College Chicago was one of the best experiences of my life though.

EM: Major?
SN: I majored in Photography for 2 years, but once I transferred to ASU, I switched to Human Communication. I still studied and practiced photography on my own, but I felt like Communication would provide more options in the future if I needed it. It was honestly the best decision I could have made for myself though, especially since as a portrait photographer, I tend to work with a variety of people, and communication is a key element in creating a positive client experience. I also invest a lot in my relationships, whether it’s personal or professional, so it’s really important to me that I continue to maintain those as often as I can, which isn’t always easy as life gets more complex…so having a communication background as been incredibly helpful.

EM: What are your long term career goals?
SN: You mean other than helping Emma soar to the top of newsstands? Hmm….well, I’m currently involved in a couple of collaborative projects, so I’m excited to see how those take shape. There are so many things that I want to do with my career, but I have to be careful not to take on more than I can handle all at once. So, I think an over-arching, long-term goal is that I always find a way to balance the different avenues I’m pursuing and to always recognize whether or not a project is a good fit for me. It’s important to create work that fulfills you, not drains you.

EM: Favorite TV show?
SN: Always and forver, Friends, but these days: New Girl, Once Upon a Time, Grimm, Parenthood, and Grey’s Anatomy

EM: Do you have a guilty pleasure?
SN: Soda (preferably Pepsi or Cherry Coke) – I know it’s killing me by the sip, but I’m just not ready to quit. Also, “terrible” films. I work in the film industry, so I’m surrounded by filmmakers with a high expectation for any film – as they should. And don’t get me wrong, I prefer a film that has a brilliant story and looks amazing….but I also love movies that are not meant for intelligent film enthusiasts. Sometimes, I just want to be entertained in the most mindless way.

EM: What are 3 things in your bag at all times?
SN: Cherry-flavored Vaseline (because I’m anti chapstick with beeswax), Orbit gum, and a hair tie.

EM: Favorite place to travel to?
SN: I definitely want to see more of the world, but I tend to spend my money on trips to Chicago. That’s where I’m originally from, so I have a lot of family there. It’s basically my second home. Plus, it’s just such a great city!

EM: Hobbies?
SN: I love First Friday [art walk], live music, films, books & magazines, and spending time with friends & family. I love going out to restaurants and supporting local events when I can, especially in Downtown Phoenix.

EM: What do you love about Emma?
SN: I don’t follow a lot of blogs – not because I don’t want to, but because there are just so many out there that I tend to get overwhelmed easily. I always felt like I was missing out in some way, but never really found a good way to filter through so I could just focus on the good ones. But now I have Emma! I love how it collaborates with bloggers, and essentially curates their content into each issue, so that I’m getting a little taste of each one.

I also love how Emma focuses on supporting everything local – from interviewing members of the community to highlighting a restaurant or artist, and finding ways to bring so many local businesses together in one issue. It’s done in a subtle way, so that the magazine is still relatable to anyone outside of Phoenix, but for those who are local, I think they recognize and appreciate how much it brings the community together.

Alejandra likes ice cream, dancing and pretty things. You can usually find her exploring downtown Phoenix, where she lives, or singing to herself while writing in a coffee shop.

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