Spring Issue

There, sandwiched between my childhood dresser and an old bookcase, I see a piece of paper poking out of a copy of Anne Lamott’s Operating Instructions. Even before wiping away a thick layer of dust, remnants of a couple years spent in the back of our storage closet, I know the contents of the folded sheet of copy paper. My grandfather handed it to me weeks before he died – a poem on motherhood. Not the kind of thing you’d expect from a military man, but he rarely ever spoke of his time in the service, and by the time I came along he had already retired from a career in education and spent much of his time on the arts. Too sleep-deprived to fully appreciate the gesture when he handed it to me days after Hudson’s birth, now I sit down to read the words again. Words I suspect will make more sense the longer I am a mother.

I don’t pause for long. On the heels of a major home renovation, spring cleaning gains new meaning. I carefully recrease the poem and tuck it back inside the book. It goes in the “keep” pile, a rare display of mercy in a session of ruthless closet purging. As I stuff old bridesmaid dresses into a bag bound for Good Will, I think about the kind of man he was. The kind of man I want to raise. And for the first time since his death, I don’t cry when remembering him. Rather, I feel inspired by his memory. I carry out a bulk trash bag feeling a little bit lighter.

Whether the change of seasons has you sprucing up your outdoor space (page 50), reconnecting with people you love (serve my lemon garlic pasta on page 26 – you won’t be disappointed!), or just cleaning out an old storage closet, I hope you find the same spring in your step.

Image by Amy Frances.

Sarah is founder of Emma magazine. Featured by HGTV Magazine and Design Sponge for her interior styling, she makes regular appearances on a variety of morning shows sharing culinary and design tips. Born and raised in Arizona, she received her degree in broadcast journalism from Arizona State University and loves any adventure with her husband and three kiddos.

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