Summer style tips with JORD + GIVEAWAY

As we transition into summer, it’s hard not to daydream about my summer wardrobe. I find myself daydreaming about sundresses, sandals, swimsuits and denim! Summer outfits allow for a lot of creativity. I like clothes that have a lot of movement in them, like a fun top or an elegant sundress. I try to find accessories and that can be styled in a couple of different ways, like my JORD watch. It’s made entirely out of wood (zebrawood and maple to be exact) and it works as a statement piece or an accent that ties the outfit together. Want one of your own? Scroll down, enter to win $100 giveaway!

If you’re going on an awesome vacation, or even just hanging out in your hometown, here are some styling tips to keep in mind when you’re planning your summer outfits.

  1. Play with textures

    Where I wear this outfit: Hanging out on the weekend.

    Who said neutrals had to be boring? For this outfit, the crochet top and the wooden watch, while both neutral colors, standout and create a dynamic look. I love the simple color scheme in this look, but the movement provided by the crochet top and the unique wooden watch really add some complexity to an otherwise simple (boring) outfit. I even layered the watch with a delicate turquoise bracelet for a pop color that still goes with natural theme. Combining different types of textured elements is both chic and playful.

  2. Stand out with statement pieces

    Where I wear this outfit: Friday morning editorial meeting.

    This outfit is a great example of wearing two statement pieces that don’t clash. This denim jumpsuit is one of my most complimented article of clothing I own. Every time I wear it, whether at a coffee shop, concert– or yes, even work meetings, I’m asked where I bought it. I like the way it pairs with my watch because both are beautiful, unique pieces that aren’t too loud. They compliment each other and get to share the limelight. So now, when people ask me about my denim jumpsuit, they ask about my watch too!

  3. It’s all in the details, baby

    Where I wear this outfit: Brunch with friends.

    All-wood watches are not traditional–and that’s why I love mine– but I had to learn how to incorporate a wooden watch into my style. I had some fun with this look. Throwing in a shiny necklace and pink clogs may not seem like it would work well with my blue sundress and wooden watch, but the wood accents from my watch and shoes really help tie the outfit together. Like I said, it’s all in the details, so don’t be afraid to be creative.

Giveaway! JORD is offering friends of Emma mag a chance to win a $25 and $100 gift card to their store so you can get a watch just in time for summer. Hell yeah!

Contest ends May 26, but these style tips will live on!

If you like the watch I’m wearing and want to be twins, it’s part of JORD’s Fieldcrest line and it is made out of zebrawood and maple. You find it here. To shop all women’s watches, head over here. And here, you can find all men’s watches.

Watches Made From Wood

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