The Easy Way to Cover a Duvet

If you’ve ever attempted to stuff a duvet inside its cover, you know what a monumental feat it is, especially without a helping hand. This duvet cover roll trick makes this dreadful task a cinch. We promise you’ll never wrestle with a duvet cover again.

No. 1 Begin with your duvet cover inside out on your bed with the duvet lying over the top of it.

how to duvet cover roll

No. 2 Tie the duvet cover’s corners to the duvet itself.

how to duvet cover roll

If your duvet cover is missing those handy ties, you can use safety pins on each corner instead.

how to duvet cover roll

No. 4 Beginning at the foot of the bed, roll the duvet cover and duvet together like a burrito all the way to the headboard.

how to duvet cover roll

No. 5 Flip the cover around the duvet burrito. This step is the trickiest, but just imagine those sandwich baggies where one side folds over the top. The technique is the same to duvet cover roll

Pictured, we completed this on the right side. Repeat on the opposite side.

how to duvet cover roll

No. 6 Once both sides of the cover have been flipped around the rolled duvet, you can simply unroll the burrito back down toward the foot of the bed.

how to duvet cover roll how to duvet cover roll

Photos by Sara Nevels.


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