The Sofa Post

Finding the right sofa or sectional takes time and research. We created this post to help you cut down on both. And selfishly, we want to stop looking at spaces that could be so great – if only. If you’re living with a hand-me-down sofa leftover from your college era, perhaps this post is for you. Or maybe you purchased your couch before you really had your design aesthetic figured out, and you don’t really love it. The couch is the cornerstone of the living room, and if it’s not working, chances are your living room is probably not working either. Let’s start out with what to avoid before guiding you to your true couch potato potential.

Unless your grandma had killer design sense (and even if she did, an upholstery job is likely in order), it’s time to part ways with her matching faux velvet couch and love seat combo. (The same goes for old mattresses, dining tables, etc.) So often the mentality of “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” means living with an outdated generic piece solely because it’s still standing. Yeesh, that is a low bar. Let that old gal retire into the Craigslist abyss, or if you can afford to, donate it.

Alright, that one is a bit more obvious. A little harder to identify is the “more furniture for less” type sofas that very much belong in the Craigslist/donation group, as well.  Here are a few culprits and why:

bad sofa round up

This plush stuffing just makes this couch look fat. Like it had too much stuffing at dinner, and now it’s bursting at the seams. Plus, the back of a couch shouldn’t look like throw pillows, but rather give a space for actual throw pillows.

Alright enough of the bad, let’s find you a good sofa. Mind you that doesn’t mean you have to shop at Million Dollar Couches “R” Us. Here are four great options all under $1000.

Good Sofas Under $1000

round up of great sofas under $1k

Sofa 1, Sofa 2, Sofa 3, Sofa 4

If you have (a little) more to spend, here are a few favorites.

round up good2

Sofa 1, Sofa 2, Sofa 3

On a personal note, is my go-to for affordable stylish sofas, because we own and love one. Super comfortable, made in the USA, and comes in so many colors. To read tips on styling your sofa, click HERE.

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