DIY Tissue Paper Flower

These tissue paper flowers can be clustered together for bright center pieces on a table, set atop plates next to name cards, or used as cute little adornments to stick in vintage bottles of pop. With materials being so inexpensive, the possibilities are endless!


  • tissue paper
  • scissors
  • string


  1. Layer 4 – 6 sheets of tissue paper on top of one another. The larger the flowers you aim to make, the larger the pieces of tissue paper required.
  2. Fold paper back and forth like an accordion. The folds should all be about the same size.
  3. Tie the folded set of tissue paper in the center with twine or string. Using scissors, round out the hard corners into soft edges.
  4. Separate the tissue layers by pulling one sheet up at a time until it resembles a full flower.

Voila, you now have a never-wilting spring flower, perfect for any occasion.

Photography by Michelle Herrick.

Alejandra likes ice cream, dancing and pretty things. You can usually find her exploring downtown Phoenix, where she lives, or singing to herself while writing in a coffee shop.

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